Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How This Works

Since I'll be very busy once school starts, I thought I should write out some notes to myself about just how this blog is organized! There are three kinds of posts at this blog — quote posts, episode posts, and quotemaker posts — plus administrative posts like this one. I really like the flexibility of this project: on a busy day, I can do just a quote post using an existing episode and an existing quotemaker, but on days when I have more time, I can write up a new episode post and/or a new quotemaker post before doing the actual quote post. :-)

Quote Posts

For a quote post, I choose a quote from an episode post.

I choose the quote generator from one of the quote generator posts.

I create and save the graphic.

I write a new quote post, including the quote, a link to the episode, and a link to the label for that quote generator.

If there is an image that I used to create the graphic (like with Automotivator), I include that image information.

Labels: I label the quote post with the label "quotes," plus a label for the quotemaker and a label for the Doctor (the quotemaker and Doctor labels should already exist; see below).

Date: I use the current date.

To finish, I go back to the episode post, bold the quote, and add a link that to the quote post, "click to see poster."

In general, I'll probably be sharing each new quote post at Google+ with the hashtag #DoctorWhoQuotes, and at Twitter I'll share at my class Twitter account, OnlineMythIndia, also with the hashtag.

Finally, I add the quote post to my Doctor Who Quotes Pinterest Board, using the text of the quote as the text of the pin.

Episode Posts

For an episode post, first I copy the text of the script from my existing GoogleDoc (I got all the scripts from Chrissie's Transcripts).

I select the quotes, adding the name of the person speaking, plus the title of the episode.

I create a post with the name of the scriptwriter, a link to the Wikipedia article for the episode, and the quotes below.

Labels: I label the post with "episodes" and the appropriate Doctor (I'll be using that label for all the quotes from episodes with this Doctor). If this is a new Doctor I have not done before, I update the Doctor labels widget in the sidebar to include the new Doctor.

Date: I use my GoogleDoc spreadsheet to find a post date that will cause the episodes to be displayed in order, backdated to 2012.

To finish, I rename the GoogleDoc copy of the script to show that it is "QUOTED" and I include a link to the episode post in the GoogleDoc spreadsheet.

Quotemaker Posts

For a quotemaker post, I find a new quotemaker and test it out. The basic criterion is that the quotemaker must be free to use.

I write up some basic notes about using the quotemaker and take a screenshot.

I include a link to the quotemaker site along with a link to the label for that quotemaker at this blog so people can see examples of quotes made with that tool.

Labels: I add the label "quotemakers" plus the specific label for this quotemaker (I'll be using that label for the quotes made with this tool).

Date: I backdate the post to 2013.

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